Business Body Language
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15th Aug 2017
Business Body Language
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29th Aug 2017
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Business Body Language

Business Body Language


Body language plays an important role in current leadership communication. From my most-requested program,
Here are nine tips guaranteed to give you a nonverbal advantage!

Boost Your Confidence Before A Main Meeting.
Most corporate professionals recognise the importance of projecting self-confident body language for the duration of the meeting, a job interview, or a sales pitch, but few realise that how they sit while waiting in the reception area has everything to do with their first impression.
Your body language are important. Sitting up straight and your feet on the ground.
Now see yourself in the reception area where you are waiting for that important meeting. Are you focussed on your smart phone, with your elbows pulled into your waist and your shoulders curved? Or are you sitting up straight, feet firmly on the ground, arms spread wide holding an open newspaper?
Which picture looks better?

Spot A Liar, Look Out For These Four “The Tell-Tale” Signals.
Non-verbal signals to all types of unconscious tell-tale sign tend to follow in groups – a group of actions, attitudes and arrangements that co-operatively point to an exact state of mind. This is momentously true of dishonesty, where one specific cluster of nonverbal signals has been confirmed statistically to be a highly truthful display of dishonesty. These are: hand touching, face touching, crossed arms, and leaning away.

Make A Difficult Task Seem Easier, Smile.
No matter the assignment, when you frown or glare while doing it, you are sending your brain the message, “This is really challenging. I should stop.”  The brain then responds by sending stress elements into your blood circulation. And this generates a malicious loop: the more stressed you are, the more problematic the task becomes. Equally, when you smile, your brain gets the message, “It’s not so bad. I can continue!”

Reach An Agreement, Send Early Commitment Signals.
Over the years, companies are more likely to reach an agreement if they begin a negotiation by exposing involved body language (smiling, nodding, mirroring, open gestures, etc.). Excitingly, that optimistic outcome is the similar whether the presentation was the product of an unconscious reaction or a planned decision.

Inspire Collaboration, Reorder Your Office.
Projecting control, authority, and status may be a main part of your non-verbal plan to amaze potential clients, customers, and investors – and if it is, then organising your office space as a visual symbol of your and your company’s brand can be a fundamental part of that strategy.
When it comes to building collaboration within your employees, nevertheless, standing and authority hints can send conflicting, definitely unwanted messages. If creating a co-operative culture is necessary to meeting your business objectives, then you might want to rearrange your office to reflect this. For example, seating people directly diagonally from your desk (especially if their chair is smaller and lower than yours) places them in a competitive and disadvantageous situation. Instead, try placing the guest’s chair at the side of your desk, or making a conversation area (chairs of equal size set around a small table or at right angles to each other) to encourage a feeling of informality, equality, and partnership.

Decrease Confrontation, Hand Out Your Business Card.
People who are protective, defended or resistant may possessively fold their arms across their chests. And when you see that signal combined with crossed legs, you can be fairly sure that you aren’t making a very optimistic impression, and that what you’re saying isn’t being listened to very closely.
To routinely deactivate this kind of confrontation in a one-on-one meeting, you could offer the individual something to drink. You could give them your business card, brochure, or product sample. With a large audience you could ask questions that invite people to raise their hands. It doesn’t matter which strategy you choose, just as long as the individuals are obliged to change their postures, to uncross their arms and legs, in order to answer to you. Because body positions influence attitude, the mere act of unwinding a resistant posture will begin to subvert the opposition, itself.

Make The Most Of Your Authority, Limit Your Passion.
If you are an outgoing person, you most probable make a complimentary first impression — because we are drawn to passionate people whose reactions are easily read. But when your communication style absences of tone and elusiveness, your over-exuberance can overpower (or exhaust) an audience. So in situations where you want to maximize your authority — minimize your movements. Take a deep inhalation, bring your movements down to waist level, and pause before making a basic point. When you appear peaceful and contained, you look more powerful.

Neutralise A Stressed Situation, Straighten Your Body More Congenially.
Often strong spoken argument comes from an individual’s need to be overheard and acknowledged. If you actually straighten yourself with that individual (sitting or standing shoulder to shoulder facing the same direction), you will resolve the situation. And, by the way, an interchange that will increase the argument is to right-angled your body to the other person or to move in closer. This is specifically true when distributing with men.
Two men communication will angle their bodies slightly, while two women will stand in a more “aligned” position – a stance that most men perceive as confrontational.

Make an optimistic last impression.
After you’ve settled on a value, signed the contract, or accepted the job offer, recall to make a charming exit: Stand tall, shake hands warmly, make eye contact, smile, say “thank you,” and leave your counterpart with the impression that you are somebody he or she should look forward to dealing with in the future.

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