Convey A Clear Brand Message And Create Customer Loyalty

Enhance Your Customer's Experience: Ideal for Restaurants, Retail Shops, Shopping Centers, Car Dealerships, Airports, Corporate Businesses, Events and Venues, to name only a few.

With Proximity Marketing You Can Advertise:

e.g when a customer spends R1000 and they get an R50 voucher to spend in-store.

Customers can accumulate a % of their spend as a cashback they can spend in your store.

Customers get rewarded based on the number of visits, e.g get your car washed 5 times and the 6th wash free.

Customers get a discount for spending a certain amount to spend next time they come to the store.

Rewards For Good:
Cashback rewards that customers can donate to charities that the merchant has nominated.

Are You Looking To Gain More Brand Visibility?

In return, create Customer Loyalty with this exciting Loyalty Program.

We can assist you to get the right results with the following:

The Shopper App
The Shopper App is the ultimate personal shopping companion allowing you to manage all aspects of your shopping experience.

  • Sign up instantly by simply using your phone number to participate.
  • You can digitise all your existing loyalty and rewards cards. This makes it easier to manage loyalty and rewards memberships.
  • Viewing a list of real vouchers and special offers that are based on your location, and save them to your profile.
  • Opt-in/out of special offers and alerts with the use of Geo-location triggers.
  • By managing preferences and privacy settings, you can easily rate the services from our partners.
  • Earn cashback rewards and manage your credit profile and alerts.

The Merchant App
The Merchant App will give you the following Functionality.

  • You will be able to manage customer rewards transactions
  • Customer feedback is manageable
  • You can send in-app notifications to customers
  • Automatic geo-location triggers of the merchant’s location
  • Publishing an Ad-hoc special with time and location parameters
  • Get data and analytics to know more about your customers

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NFC Tags


NFC stands for Near-Field Communication and allows Phones, Tablets, and Laptops to share Data with other NFC-equipped Devices. The Technology evolved from Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) tech. RFID is behind those security Scan Cards that get you into the Office everyday or bypass that Tollbooth on your morning commute.

NFC is very much like RFID, but NFC is limited to communication within four inches. Most People consider NFC’s small radius a major security benefit and it’s one of the reasons that NFC is taking off as a secure alternative to Credit Cards. But the Technology can be used for more than making purchases. NFC can transfer Data like Videos, Contact Information, and Photos between two NFC enabled Devices.

QR Tags


QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is the Trademark for a Type of Matrix Barcode (or Two-Dimensional Barcode) first designed for the Automotive Industry in Japan. Data stored on QR tags is typically accessed through Scanner Apps on Mobile Devices such as Smart Phones and Tablets. Since inception, its application has grown significantly and it is now considered standard stock in Companies' Marketing Arsenal. QR tags have a wide range of Marketing Applications, the simplest being directing Users to a Website where more advanced functions include delivering a complete Business Card of Information to easily store on a Device, and many many more.

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