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Times and Technology are constantly changing - we can aid you in staying up to date with the constantly evolving Technology and the requirements of driving a Business in the modern World.

With Web Artist® you have a Team of Dedicated I.T. Professionals that can assist you in choosing the right Equipment to suit your needs. That's why we at Web Artist® are committed to identifying and providing I.T. Hardware and Software that meets your requirements and budget. We do not believe in allowing our Clients to over-invest, or in putting together unreasonable Quotes for Products that are not necessary or relevant to our Clients' needs. Instead, we believe in keeping things simple, efficient and economic.

Some Of Our Services

  • Providing state-of-the-art Technology Products such as Desktop Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones and much more
  • Entertainment Systems from leading International Brands
  • Server Hardware, Cases and Cabinets
  • Printers, Office Automation and any Other Basic Device which is essential for day-to-day Office work.
  • NFC and QR Tags with a variety of functions for different Applications
  • Computer Troubleshooting Services to keep down-time in the Office to an absolute minimum. We can also provide the relevant Hardware and Software required to resolve issues identified.
  • For our hosted Clients we can offer E-mail support to assist in the setup and creation of New Accounts, as well as troubleshooting delivery failures and other oddities that may arise.
  • We can assist with setting up Home and Office Networks, be it LAN or Wireless, or a combination of both. We also have access to "Power Over Ethernet" potentially minimizing the challenge of certain installations.
  • We offer multiple PABX and Switchboard Solutions to streamline communication throughout the Office.

Our Approach

We strive to accommodate Client budgets as far as possible with each Project and we also make a point to actively advise on a given situation if necessary, to allow our Clients to make an informed decision.

Some Sales Representatives are purely profit driven, but at WEB ARTIST® we take your needs and requirements into consideration to offer cost-effective solutions.

Technology Products And It Support, WEB ARTIST® Digital Marketing Agency


Web Artist® is a supplier of High Quality Computer Systems. We take care to use only the Brands that are locally supported to keep service times to a minimum and to ensure maximum warranty durations. For Corporate or Individual, we can supply you with the Computer Hardware that you need.

We are constantly keeping an Eye on Product Performance to ensure that all the Equipment we provide are robust and effective.


As a registered Microsoft Partner, Web Artist® can supply you with all the latest Microsoft Software and Licenses to keep your Business up to date on the latest Technology and up to scratch on Microsoft standards.

We can also supply you with a broad range of other Software, such as Anti-Virus Packages, Graphic Design Software and many other Products used by modern-day Businesses.

WEB ARTIST® Is An Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency

Get Your Brand Noticed! Our Dedicated Team of Highly Trained Professionals will assist you with the right advice and inspire new creative ways to improve your Marketing Strategy by incorporating the Latest Marketing Trends suitable for your Type of Business.

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Regretfully we do not meet in Public Places due to the nature of Intellectual Property and Confidential Information that will be shared between us and our clients. We can not risk the exposure of our and the client’s Intellectual Property and Confidential Information in Public areas. Furthermore, we require full attention from our clients and public places provide too many distractions.

Meetings will be scheduled either at the Client’s Offices or at our Offices. If this is not possible due to Geographic Constraints or any other reason whatsoever, an electronic meeting can be conducted through Skype, Hangouts, Email, etc.


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